Cake "Banana"
1000 (750) g
A delicate biscuit is impregnated with syrup and is covered with a cream of cream, jam from melon and natures. banana. The surface is covered with light air cream in the form of a rose.
Cake "Olivia"
2300 g
The combined white and chocolate biscuit is impregnated with lemon syrup and is sandwiched with anotherly caramel milk with added sesame and cream cream with the addition of canned apricots
Cake "Women's whim"
1300 (600) g
White biscuit, cream cream, fillers Pineapple and Kiwi
Cake "Versailles"
1,200 g
Vanilla and chocolate biscuits are layered with cream cream filled with Yogurt and Strawberry.
Red poppy
1300 g
Chocolate sponge cake syrup, creamy chocolate cream and fragrant cherry blossom
1000 g
Airless bean with walnut, cream cream with caramel condensed milk, chocolate drops
Cake "butterfly"
1700 g
Chocolate biscuit, airy - nut layer, cream with boiled condensed milk.
Cake "Monaco"
1400 g
Vanilla biscuit, layer of cheese cream with fresh banana, cream of cream with fresh orange.
Cake "Beatrice"
2000 g
White sponge cake, butter cream, Raspberry and Limoncello fillers.
Cake "Spring"
1000 g
White biscuit is covered with creamy cream, sweetened condensed milk and jam.
150 g
MINI-CAKE "LATTE" (150 g) sour cream, cream with coffee, condensed milk
MINI-CAKE "CHOKO" (150 g) Sour cream, cream, chocolate glaze
MINI-CAKE "TIRAMISU" (120 g) sour cream with cocoa, cream, cream protein, cocoa
MINI-CAKE "CURRANT" (180 g) Sour cream, cream, COLD FILL, chocolate glaze
MINI-CAKE "CURLY PINSCHER" (150 g) Sour cream, cream, cherry filler, chocolate glaze
Dessert "Strawberry cheese"
200 g
Cream cheese mousse and strawberry jelly.